Worcester bosch boiler

Worcester Bosch gas boilers expert repair. service and installation

Worcester boilers were founded in 1962 and became part of Bosch Group in 1996

They managed to stand out in the crowd of manufacturers available with outstanding reliability.

Throughout the years they release a series of boilers what initially was using oil as fuel but from 1973 onward the gas gained its share in the market.

Worcester released :

  • 1962 Firefly
  • 1970 Heatslave
  • 1975 Delglo
  • 1977 Danesmoor
  • 1980 Hoppamat
  • 1982 Heatslave Senior and Heatslave Junior
  • 1985 Heatslave 9.24
  • 1987 Highflow
  • 1990 9.24 Electronic
  • 1992 230,240 & 280
  • 1996 CDi
  • 1997 i Series
  • 1998 Si
  • 2000 CBi
  • 2001 Greenstar HE
  • 2005 Greenstar flat plate solar thermal
  • 2006 Greenstore GSHP
  • 2007 Greenstar Camray
  • 2008 Greesource air to water heat pumps
  • 2011 Greenskies evacuated tube solar thermal
  • 2012 Greenstar CDi Compact
  • 2014 Worcester Wave
  • 2015 Greenstar I and Greenstar system filter
  • 2017 Worcester Greenstyle stove
  • 2018 Bosch easy Control and Smart TRV’s
  • 2019 Greenstar 8000 and 2000 series

Warranties on Worcester boilers

For the top range series 8000 Worcester offer 12 years warranty if the boiler is installed by a Worcester accredited installer.

For the Greenstar series,  iSi compact, CDi Compact and CDi Highflow are covered by 10 years warranty

Most common faults

Worcester boilers are very reliable but occasionally can develop faults. Most of them are related to water pressure, overheating or gas lockout. As a general rule, Worcester boilers come with a good warranty and would be worth that you check if your boiler is still covered by it. Then try resetting the boiler and if this do not fix the issue, you probably should call us. We are experienced in Worcester boilers and our Worcester trained engineers are capable in fixing your boiler in no time.

A brief explain of common 2 faults:

EA – This is the most common fault on Worcester boilers what indicate that the flame was not detected. There could be many causes for this. Firstly, a neglected and not serviced on time. Secondly, a lack of gas. And not the least but a faulty fan, frozen or blocked condensate or damaged ignition and detection electrodes can produce this fault too.

E9 – This fault is the second common fault. This fault indicate an overheating situation. One of the causes is a faulty pump. Another may be lack of water or a very dirty system.

Our services:

We specialize in  expert diagnose and repair of existent boilers, professional annual servicing and maintenance and professional boiler installs. That is for any system, and any property. The right configuration is installed as per manufacturer and building regulations. All new boilers are registered with the manufacturer for the warranty.

If you want to get an estimated cost for the type of service you require, just contact us for a quote. We can talk about your  case and how we can help you.

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