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Expert underfloor heating services

Underfloor heating is quickly becoming a popular long-term heating solution that significantly cuts down system maintenance costs, especially in the long run. There are lots of reasons for this but worth mentioning here are the lower temperature required for underfloor heating – wet systems and reliability of it – electric systems.

Floor heating can be done in 2 ways – hydronic (wet) and electric. Both have advantages but are very different.

Wet underfloor heating

Wet underfloor heating use circuits of pipes connected to your source of heat – boiler or heat pump – to warm up your floor. Pump circulate warm water through it and slowly heats up the floor. Pipe is usually buried in concrete screed if is installed on ground floor or is recessed in insulation panels if is installed on a timber floor or at other floor levels. Because of the low water temperature required to warm up the floor this type of heating is probably the most efficient way of heating up a home . Like that, heat given by the pipe circuit is stored in the concrete screed and delivered to the room slowly. For this reason wet underfloor heating take time to heat up and cool down. Initial cost is the major inconvenient of this type of heating because of the extensive works required for installation.

Wet underfloor heating outputs

Wet underfloor heating systems deliver around 100 watts per square meter of floor and this is more than enough for most of the houses in UK. Can be used on all types of floor finishes throughout the year.

Wet underfloor heating common problems

This systems are complex and rely on the correct operation of all the components. After long periods of time when heating was not used, pump may seize or pin valves can get stuck in off position. On systems where radiators are used too, a magnetic filter protection is a must or underfloor heating circuits and manifold thermostat can get blocked with dirt and sludge.

Electric underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating systems are based on an electric heating mat installed right under the floor finish, most of the times with no screed on top other than a thin self levelling compound. This make heating the floor fast, cheap and easy to install.  Comparing with wet underfloor heating, the running costs are 3-4 times higher and because of this reason is mostly used in homes with no gas or only in bathrooms and kitchen areas. Electric underfloor heating can be used as the only source of heating for small flats but for big houses would require 3 phase power supply . This type of heating is completely maintenance free and is extremely reliable.

Electric underfloor heating outputs

Outputs available are from 100 watts to 200 watts per square meter

Electric underfloor heating common problems

This systems are very reliable but can develop faults. Their controller can develop an internal fault, failing to switch on or off. Similarly the floor or air temperature sensor can get faulty, reading incorrect values or even the floor mat can be broken if is not installed properly. And not the last, a drop on the floor of a heavy object can damage the heating mat.

We provide dependable and lasting underfloor heating solutions to customers for their homes, offices and any other types of domestic or commercial premises.

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Our underfloor heating services:

  • design
  • installation
  • maintenance
  • repair


Our heating engineers can survey, carry out a heat-loss calculation and design the best and most efficient way to warm up your flooring.


On the set appointment, our engineers arrive with the heating system and equipment to carry out the installation as per the set design specifications. They will install the heating controls and  leave your premises only after they test the system and explain it to you, so you are satisfied.


Another key underfloor heating service that we offer is a comprehensive maintenance service. And we recommend regular maintenance, because thorough checks at regular intervals will help identify circulation issues and wear-and-tear on components. Regular checks prevent major failures, reduce down time, and thus increase system reliability and efficiency.


We also offer underfloor heating repairs service.  Whether you have a wet or electric  system, our engineers can carry out diagnostics and identify issues affecting system performance.

Our heating engineer will inspect the heating system and fix all identified problems to bring your underfloor heating up to its maximum performance and efficiency.

Why go for underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating systems are becoming a popular heating solution in various parts of Britain and Europe. Their higher efficiency and comfort definitely will justify the move if you have not already done it.

This systems delivers evenly distributed heat across the floor of your house or commercial facility, thus giving the people inside constant warmth literally right under their feet.

Our years of experience in underfloor heating services has shown that these systems are highly cost-effective with many of our customers reporting they have seen a decline in their heating costs and fuel bills and as a result you can expect your heating costs to drop anywhere between 10% and 40% compared with radiators.

Why choose us for your underfloor heating needs?

  • Because we give you a free quote for underfloor heating installation, maintenance and repairs.
  • We have been delivering expert heating services for many years
  • Specialists in both domestic and commercial underfloor heating solutions.
  • We offer maintenance and repairs for underfloor heating systems of all popular brands.
  • Our services cover complete installation, repairs and maintenance services for both wet and electric underfloor heating systems.

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