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Heating problems in the hand of experts. Our domestic and commercial Gas Safe registered engineers can fix your heating. Because is very important to stay at home this period, we are working through this Coronavirus pandemic to keep your heating and plumbing services ON. 

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Domestic and commercial gas boilers, electric boilers, air heaters, storage heaters, old or new plumbing systems, we know them all. Therefore, whether it’s a broken boiler, a cold radiator, a leaking pipe or a full new system installation, our experts are just a quick phone call away. They can fix the issues. Also we can service your heating system and carry out gas safety checks in a very professional way. Because we offer services 24 hours a day you can give us a call anytime to book one of our best engineers.

Our expertise:

  • Domestic and commercial heating systems breakdowns and servicing

From a not working radiator to power flushing the heating system for a school or repairing the boilers in a nursery we have the right specialists to deal with any heating issue. Because we offer premium services, our engineers are all Gas Safe and CIPHE registered , experienced and offer 1st class diagnose, repair and servicing to any heating systems. But if you think you have a specific issue, please call us and discuss with an engineer today.

  • Commercial gas works and heating appliances

Heating a warehouse or a large shop efficiently could be challenging and can require upgrading the pipework. Therefore if you have in plan extending your gas installation to accommodate new heating appliances we are the specialists to do it.

  • Underfloor heating, radiators and fan coil heaters

With underfloor heating comfort, once you are used with it, is hard to give up on it. Our specialists have extensive experience in dealing with underfloor heating manifolds, faulty blending valves, non responsive controls or poor performing circuits. Radiators or fan coil heaters who are not heating up or performing unsatisfactory are another expertise of our engineers. With this in mind, thermal camera surveys and correct diagnoses put us in top of your heating engineers.

  • Domestic and commercial heating related plumbing repairs, install and upgrade

The links between boilers or heat pumps to the radiators or underfloor heating are done through pipework what most of the time is not exposed. This can have problems such leaks or blocked pipes and leaking  or blocked pipework affect the performances of the system and this should be dealt with urgently. Because a leaking system require constant topping up with fresh water,this in turn bring a large quantity of hard water what could scale up the system fast, or can dilute the corrosion inhibitor increasing the corrosion of the pipework and radiators. Another issue is that blocked or partially blocked pipework reduce or block the water flow to a part of the heating system making it not working or to perform below the design specifications.

  • Conventional and Smart heating controls

Between a mechanic hard wired room thermostat and intelligent internet based smart heating controls our engineers can repair upgrade and advise you about anything you want to know. For instance, did you know that a good quality heating control system compared with a system with only basic time and temperature control in a regular 3 bedroom house can reduce your heating bills with at least 14%? Radiators thermostatic valves or smart radiator thermostatic valves? Basic, Internet based, weather or load compensated? And all the details you need to know about heating controls you can get them from our engineers. Call us .We are here for you.

  • Energy efficiency

In plain english this is about reducing the waste and lowering your costs. Due to this every system can be designed and installed to make the most out of the energy it uses. That’s why lots of things should be considered such as the type of heating system, type of controls, type of radiators or underfloor heating, heat loss for every single room what need to be heated, type of windows, ventilation, how the place will be used and so many more. Taking the best decisions in the design stage can cut a lot of waste and increase the energy efficiency of your heating system.

  • Emergency Callout

If your heating system stopped working you don’t need to panic.Call us and we will be fixing it for you in no time. Because our prices are affordable and response time is fast, you can put the kettle on and rely on us. Seriously.

  • Advise, design and installation

Our expert design in close collaboration with the client, professional installation by experienced engineers and expert commissioning make our installs to be 1st class and give many years or hassle free services.

  • Landlord gas safety certificates

When you are a landlord you have a duty to provide safe living conditions to your tenants. In your properties, the gas equipment should be maintained in safe working order and a landlord gas safety certificate issue yearly will confirm this.  Our engineers will carry out gas testing and inspections on your gas appliances and issue you a landlord gas safety certificate in no time.

So if you are interested in our plumbing and heating services please fill your details on side form and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.

> Or, check out our full range of services Our prices are clear and upfront. For this reason, the rate we quote is the rate you pay and it’s as simple as that! We guarantee all repairs and installations carried out by our experts in domestic premises for 24 months. For that reason reported issues are always treated as priority by us, and are corrected as soon as possible. 1 Year warranty for all commercial works. All our heating and plumbing engineers are Gas Safe registered. Not only that but they go through a rigorous training before they are allowed to work on any gas appliances . Even more,we supervise our engineers to make sure they stay up to date with latest standards and regulations. We know that plumbing and heating emergencies are frustrating. Therefore our trained plumbers, electricians and heating engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we are here, available. With our vans fully stocked located in your area, we can almost always reach you in less then 1 hour. We offer free, non-obligation estimates for large projects. Therefore  for plumbing, electrical and heating projects including: boiler and central heating installations, air conditioning and commercial boiler installations we offer a professional survey and estimate. Give us a call for more details on how to obtain your free estimate.

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