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Expert air conditioning services in Luton

One of our key domains is delivering high-quality air conditioning services in Luton and its surroundings. For this reason with many years of experience in the field, our air conditioning maintenance engineers are able to install and repair all types of air conditioning units and systems on domestic and commercial premises.

We offer complete servicing, your 100% satisfaction, and your AC’s optimal performance.

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Signs you should get air conditioning maintenance

Your air conditioning unit is leaking water

The most common sign that you should call in an air conditioning maintenance engineer is the sight of water dripping from your AC unit or vents. This could happen due to many reasons – some simple, demanding an hour of work. And others not so simple, demanding detailing servicing. For example, for a failing condensate pump, air conditioning repairs required will not take long. However, if you find signs of freezing water around your vents, this could be a bigger problem that needs a detailed, more complex solution.

Your air conditioning unit’s performance has gone down

Feel your air conditioning has not been performing as well as it used to? It is time to call in an expert. If this decline in performance is sudden, some component of the refrigerant system may have broken down. However, if it occurs over weeks, this can often happen due to delay in servicing or maybe a gas leak.

In both cases, our air conditioning engineer will take care of your problem. We’ll make sure it’s back performing optimally as soon as possible.

The air is stuffy and malodorous

A foul odour in the room that is growing and appears only when you turn on your air conditioning is a sign that your AC system needs maintenance. These stale smells develop when your condensate, which runs through the air conditioning units, has not been removed in long time and is causing bacteria to populate the coils.

But our air conditioning services in Luton will cover this problem as well. Our air conditioning maintenance engineers help you get rid of the odour by cleaning your coils. They use appropriate chemicals to do so and make the air fresh again.

Your energy bill is spiking

If your electricity bill has suddenly started to go up, this is a red flag that your air conditioning needs an expert’s eye. That’s because it could be blocked with contaminants, like grime. This leads to the unit consuming more energy to regulate temperature. The more clogged the air passages are, the more they affect your AC’s efficiency. And your energy bills are bound to be steep too.

However, our air conditioning maintenance service fixes this problem, and regular maintenance of your unit can bring its efficiency back up and reduce your bills.

Why choose our air conditioning services in Luton

  • Because we offer complete air conditioning maintenance, repairs, and installation services.
  • Because our air conditioning maintenance engineers are seasoned in installing, repairing and maintaining air conditioning units and systems in domestic and commercial setting.
  • We have been serving our customers for many years.
  • We are flexible in hours and deliver services at your convenience.

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We Specialise in  Installation and Maintenance of Heating and Air Conditioning Systems.

Our expertise:

  • Installation
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Inspection and testing

Air conditioning and heating are very important in meeting the comfort levels in any building. Likewise, the ventilation in the building have a very important role in maintaining the fresh  and clean air. Here at BSON247 we know it and have our dedicated team to deal with your needs in this sector.

Air conditioning and heat pump systems could be complex in their engineering, therefore important to us that we provide services relating to the highest quality HVAC equipment, produced by reliable and trusted manufacturers such Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba or Fujitsu.

If you are interested in our air conditioning services please fill your details on side form and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.

> Or, check out our full range of services All our prices are clear and upfront. That being said, the rate we quote is the rate you pay. It’s as simple as that! We guarantee air conditioning repairs and installations carried out by our expert engineers in domestic premises for 24 months. For that reason reported issues are always treated as priority by us, and are corrected as soon as possible. 1 Year warranty for all commercial works. All our F-GAS registered engineers go through a rigorous training before they are allowed to work with refrigerants. Even more, we supervise our engineers to make sure they stay up to date with latest standards and regulations related to air conditioning. We know that plumbing and heating emergencies are frustrating. Therefore our trained plumbers, electricians, heating and air conditioning engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we are here, available. With our vans fully stocked located in your area, we can almost always reach you in less then 1 hour. We offer free, non-obligation estimates for large projects. Therefore  for plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning projects including: boiler and central heating installations, air conditioning and commercial boiler installations we offer a professional survey and estimate. Give us a call for more details on how to obtain your free estimate.

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