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Our expertise:

  • Heating

Our engineers are trained by boiler manufacturers, are registered with Gas Safe, CIPHE and boiler manufacturers and are very experimented in designing, installing and repairing heating systems. Not only on the plumbing side but the heating controls, electrical side and energy efficiency sides as well.

  • Hot water

On the hot water production cylinders or gas boilers we are the specialists. Either on regular vented or stainless steel unvented cylinders, direct or indirect, our engineers master the design of the systems, installation according to Building Regulations, breakdown repairs and maintenance.

  • Cold water

We take pride in our work and our installers make sure that all our installation and repair works comply with the WRAS and Building Regulation. Either on mains direct or pressure boosters with storage tanks, we make sure that your cold water supply demands are meet and the services provided are reliable.

  • Emergency drainage

Whether a slow draining washing basin who now is completely blocked or a sump pump faulty what flooded a basement, we take care of the issue and correct it in a professional way.Domestic or commercial services provided at the highest standards delivered fast.

  • Commercial plumbing

If your commercial place is in need of a new washing line or maybe you plan to open a new production line, we can take care of the water supply and drainage required. Competitive prices and experienced plumbers deliver 1st class services

  • Bathroom fitting

A professional service starting with the correct planning and continuing with an expert installation is right in front of you. We provide 2 years warranty on all our residential services.

  • Water filtering and softening

Luton is a hard water area and this affect your plumbing and heating systems. Here at BSON247 we try to bring awareness to every client about the benefits of a water softner or water conditioner. Drinking water in Luton is generally having a very good quality but if you want to go belt and braces we offer solutions for filtering and disinfecting making tap water premium quality.

Whether you live in Luton or the surrounding areas, a working plumbing system is a must for your home and workplace all the time.

For this reason, we understand how important it is for you to have a reliable system. Or you can rely on us to maintain it, fix it and restore its functionality.

Our Engineers Can Handle All Plumbing Issues

Are you planning to install a whole new bathroom? Or you plan to do a refurbishment of the existing one only? If any of these is your case, we, at Building Services on 247 (BSON247) can solve whatever plumbing issue you may have.

With different issues, our engineers have different strategies and techniques to deliver nothing but quality service you only deserve. If you need repairs, we can be there in your area even during emergency situations. We will carry out an immediate response to your plumbing issue within or beyond the usual business hours.

Here at BSON247, we have Gas Safe and  CIPHE registered plumbers who are qualified to do the prescribed job.  We assess and give expert tips on how things should be done with future problems. You can book an engineer for emergencies, repairs, surveys and inspections, installations and all other plumbing related services.

When it comes to installation, we ask our clients where they want to install it. We can replace your old sanitary ware with a new one or if you prefer, install new plumbing in new rooms. While for your commercial property, we can install hot and cold water supply and drainage to meet your needs wherever they are.

If you got a leak or no water is coming out at all or the drain have an issue, we can handle it without hassle. We can do a diagnose and come with a solution in minutes. Also, we can check if your boiler or water heater is working correct and reliable, the cold water is with correct flow and pressure and if drainage meet the required flow rates and if is correctly vented.

High-Quality Services within Your Means

BSON247 offers plumbing services which are reasonably priced. We believe that we can still deliver first-rate services even when our prices are not that expensive. Certainly, all our building services are able to meet the highest of standards.

If you talk to our engineers, we can give you a free estimate of the project you require. You can even book a free survey for a quote. We have a wide variety of selections to choose from.

So what are you waiting for? If you have any plumbing issue, do not hesitate to contact us. We are available 24/7 and always on hand especially if you have an emergency.

Or, check out our full range of services

You may call, email or visit us. Make a decision today to talk to us because we are looking forward to hearing from you. You can trust us to handle the entire working assignment with excellence and expertise.

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