Ideal boilers- Professional diagnose, repair and installation services


Ideal is one of the oldest boiler manufacturer here in UK and their reliability made them a nations favorite for many years.

We at BSON247 carry out specialist diagnose and repair of all models of Ideal boilers installed. We also do expert installation of them complete with new heating and hot water systems.

Ideal boilers are manufactured in UK and at the moment are offering a variety of 4 combi boilers, 4 system boilers and 3 heat only models with various heating outputs :

Logic Max.  This boiler comes with 10 years warranty when registered in first 30 days after installation and if serviced annually. It have a large digital display, is easy to install and is compact, for cupboard fit. Boiler have an aluminium heat exchanger and soft water cannot be used for filling up.

As combi, come in 3 power outputs, 24 kW, 30 kW and 35 kW. All 3 models have central heating maximum output 24.2 kW. On the domestic hot water mode, the 24 kW model will deliver up to 9.9 lpm at 35 degrees temperature rise. The 30 kW will deliver up to 12.4 lpm at 35 degrees temperature rise and the 35 kW model will deliver up to 14.5 litre per minute of hot water with 35 degrees temperature rise.

As a system boiler come in 4 output models: 15 kW, 18 kW, 24 kW and 30 kW.

As a heat only, the boiler come in 5 output models: 12 kW, 15 kW, 18 kW, 24 kW and 30 kW.

Boiler have dimensions H x W x D: 700 mm x 395 mm x 278 mm and will require minimum side clearances on installation of 2.5 mm and under boiler a minimum of 100 mm

Ideal Vogue Max combi internalVogue Max. This boiler come with standard 10 years warranty but this goes up to 12 years if installed by a Max accredited installer. It have a large easy to read display with full text support for fault modes. Ideal Vogue Max  is a premium boiler with stainless steel heat exchanger and best components available.

Vogue Max combi is offered in 3 outputs: 26 kW ( 18 kW heating), 32 kW ( 26 kW heating) and 40 kW (32 kW heating). On the hot water, the 26 kW model will deliver up to 10.6 litre per minute on 35 degrees temperature rise, the 32 kW model will deliver up to 13.1 litre per minute@35 degrees rise and the 40 kW model will deliver up to 16.4 lpm@ 35 degrees rise.

As a system boiler, this model is available in 4 heating outputs: 15 kW, 18 kW, 26 kW and 32 kW.

This boiler model have the following dimensions H x W x D in mm: 740 x 445 x 330

Ideal Vogue Gen 2 combi side                          Ideal Vogue Gen 2 combi internal

Vogue Gen 2. This model come with standard 8 years warranty but can go up to 10 years if installed with an Ideal system filter. This model can be converted to LPG.

Ideal Vogue Gen 2 combi is available in 3 models, C26, C32, C40.

C26 have a modulating heating output between 3.7- 18 kW and can deliver hot water up to 10.6 lpm @ 35 degrees temperature rise. C32 have a modulating heating output between 4.6 – 26 kW and can deliver hot water up to 13.1 lpm @ 35 degrees temperature rise. C40 have a modulating heating output between 5.7- 32 kW and can deliver 16.4 lpm @35 degrees temperature rise.

As system boiler, this come in 4 models: S15, S18, S26, S32.

This boiler model have the following dimensions H x W x D in mm: 740 x 445 x 330

Logic + This model come with 7 years standard warranty available and 10 years warranty on heat exchanger if fitted with an Ideal system filter and registered online. The main heat exchanger is made of aluminium.

Ideal Logic + combi boiler come in 3 different outputs C24, C30 and C35.All 3 models have a central heating output of 24.3 kW. C24 model can deliver up to 9.9 lpm of hot water @ 35 degrees temperature difference, C30 model can deliver up to 12.4 lpm of hot water @ 35 degrees temperature difference and C35 model can deliver up to 14.5 lpm of hot water @ 35 degrees temperature difference.

Ideal Logic + system boiler come in 4 different heating outputs: S15, S18, S24, S30

The heat only model Ideal Logic + Heat come in 5 different heating outputs: H12 H15 H18 H24 H30

This boiler model have the following dimensions H x W x D in mm 700 x 395 x 278

Ideal Mexico HE floor standing boiler. Compact design, perfect for replacement installations. This model
come with 2 years warranty. Come in 5 power outputs: 15 kW (50000 BTU), 18 kW (62300 BTU), 24 kW( 80000 BTU), 30 kW (102700 BTU), 36 kW (126200 BTU). This model have a height of 850 mm, width of 450 mm and depth of 530 mm. Once installed, boiler require a minimum top clearance of 20 mm, side clearance of minimum 5 mm and front clearance of 450 mm. If boiler is covered with a panel, the minimum front clearance to the panel required is 5 mm. Boiler heat exchanger is made out of cast aluminium and softened water must not be used in filling the system.

HE15, 18 AND 24- 8 M (VERTICAL FLUE)



Modern build and assembly factory video

Ideal boilers history in UK


American Radiator Co. establishes one room UK sales office at 143 Queen Victoria Street, London. The business imports U.S. cast iron radiator equipment manufactured by American Radiator Co. As sales increase the office is moved to 89/90 Shoe Lane, London with warehouse in Silvertown (east end of London).


National Radiator Company formed in UK to establish a factory to manufacture cast iron radiators and boilers.
Hull is chosen as the site through the determination and support of Hull corporation. The site is on fields to the north west of existing buildings in Hull and the original postal address was 33 Chanterlands Ave. but the site is some way off that thoroughfare. The road on which the factory is situated is eventually named National Ave. and the access road and area is developed with housing. Work starts on the factory site in March 1906 with the works corner stone dated 31/5/06. Manufacturing on the site commences with the first cast 20/12/06. Foundry, machine and enameling shops are on site. A large two storey brick office block faces the road with a lawn and ponds. Peacocks are said to have been in this area outside the offices prior to WW1. The company purchases its own railway shunting engine (it survives until 1970, latterly as reserve to a diesel shunter) and steam traction engines are used for local transport. The site has its own bore hole for water supply and 2 competing railways (North Eastern and Hull & Barnsley railway cos.) for supply of raw materials and shipment of finished goods.
Initially a cast iron radiator range is produced followed by U.S. design hot water and steam boilers.


Head office and showroom now at 439/441 Oxford Street, London.
Radiator foundry is extended with further foundry extensions in 1911.
A wide range of accessories are available from the company to provide in modern parlance ‘a one stop shop’ for heating installations, e.g. valves, tanks, gauges, fittings, tools etc. The company issues manuals broadly on an annual basis, showing full information on the product ranges and these books include data to enable heating calculations to be made for system design.
Works events include sports days with prize giving by management. Later facilities are provided for
tennis and bowling.


Limited boiler and radiator production continued through WW1 with shells and munitions being supplied in quantity. Women are now part of workforce.


Foundry core room extension.


UK designs replace the U.S. designs as it is realized that their size and appearance is a disadvantage in the UK market. The Cookanheat free standing stove combines a boiler providing hot water and heating together with a cooker all in one unit. It starts development of CH in lower cost properties. The O-series was another boiler with the main purpose to deliver enough hot water supply for the homeowner.


Ideal O-series

The company uses motor cars for national sales representation together with steam lorries for local transport. A motor lorry is built as a travelling showroom with fully working heating system (A header tank can be extended above the lorry roof and steps allow the public to walk through).


Foundry is rebuilt and renewed with latest technology.


Showrooms are now open at Great Marlborough Street London, 35 Paradise Street Birmingham and Brighton reflecting the increase in product sales. Warehousing is developed during the 1930s to meet demand and includes London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.
Boilers are now available for gas, oil and solid fuel as the markets develop. Domestic boilers are available in a choice of enameled co lours showing recognition of customer requirements. The vitreous and stove enameling is done on site and shows the breadth of manufacturing processes the company has invested in which also include chrome plating (for decorative purposes on casings). The foundry is capable of casting iron, brass and aluminium. Rayrad radiators are introduced to offer a smooth surface still using cast iron sections and can be used for standard or overhead heating .


Company name changed to Ideal Boilers & Radiators Co.

Name change as site expands and company business increases boiler sales. Extensive domestic heating advertising is undertaken aimed at a developing middle class home owner market. Solid fuel commercial / industrial boilers are continuously developed to automate firing. Magazine boilers are available as well as automatic stokers through Ideal.
A separate R & D building is opened on land to south of Perth Street West at the junction with National Ave. to provide additional resource.


Vitreous china factory opens adjacent to boiler factory and enamelled cast iron baths introduced.
American Radiator co. having combined with Standard Sanitary inc. in the U.S. in 1929.



Ideal Gas No 3

Foundry modernization. Munitions are again produced in large quantities with limited radiator and boiler production maintained for essential building works. The Luftwaffe targets the site but fails to achieve damage. In 1940’s is released the No 3. No 3 produced a direct hot water supply and was a significant development as it contained a gas relay control valve and thermostat. This model had a heat indicator and could be supplied with a jacket of white vitreous enameled to special order.


Company renamed Ideal Standard Ltd.
UK company subsidiary of American Standard Inc.


Ideal AutocratIncreasing product volumes drive extensions to bath foundry and core room. Main offices extended. R & D Building extended 1958.
A large brick building to the north of the expanded vitreous china plant is opened housing an enlarged sheet steel plant. This building includes a steel panel radiator production line equipped with British Federal welding machines in response to market developments. Ongoing development of domestic solid fuel appliances see rocking grates introduced for quicker and easier servicing whilst some models include thermostatic control. The Neofire solid fuel back boiler unit is introduced providing heating and hot water within a standard fireplace for the
increasing domestic central heating market as the post war housing building boom continues. Gas boilers in particular develop with more customer control and more stylish casings. The Autocrat model is released. This was a compact boiler assembled ready for installation. It had thermostatic control controlled by a small knob on the right hand side of the panel.
Commercially overhead unit heaters are offered, the Ideal Tropic.


Ideal EliteAn SG iron foundry (Spheroidal graphite iron is stronger than standard grey cast iron) is opened adjacent to the main foundry to produce higher pressure industrial boiler sections.
A training school together with the Quality department and R&D balanced flue and SEduct test rigs are created within ex Spinks building. (This building is directly opposite the main site on National Ave, opened in the 60s but closed in the early 70s following partial use by the HR dept. The rigs are to allow testing of new flue designs increasingly being used in new housing of the period including multi storey flats. Warm air heaters are initially sourced from the Canadian American Standard subsidiary but UK developed designs quickly follow. New large commercial boiler designs are manufactured from designs developed at the French sister company facility at Blanc-Mesnil. Elite model is released. Was designed for larger homes and was available in 5 different sizes. This model had an electrical control box – the first in the industry.


Launch of the compact Concord RS floor standing domestic boiler sized as a kitchen unit to fit in with modern kitchens . It featured an elegant control panel with integral programmer and thermostat behind a smoked finish lift up cover, something of a trendsetter. Available as natural or towns gas versions reflecting the ongoing national change to North Sea gas. Developed in CF versions and basic E type to lead UK domestic boiler market. It becomes one of the major success stories of the UK domestic heating market with production only ceasing in the 1980’s and many still in operation today. This boiler was build to fit between kitchen standard units with programming and controls that were the most advanced ever in the heating industry. Redevelopment of the domestic solid fuel range in a similar size provides the Marquis range but solid fuel is in rapid decline as the fuel of choice for most householders and developers.

Ideal Concord1968

Trident on the hearth gas fire and back boiler unit launched providing central heating solution for smaller properties as the market develops with natural gas conversion and the favorable
economy. This is one of the earliest gas back boiler units and is developed into the 1970’s.


Acquisition of Copperad Ltd, manufacturer of fanned unit heaters. (Middlewich). Disposed of 1974 to Myson.


Research & Development building is extended to twice its original area to meet ongoing developments as the UK market continues to grow on the back of North Sea gas and a rising
economy. Ideal retires from the radiator market and the steel radiator line is closed in 1970. Factory reorganization moves the sheet steel plant into the existing main buildings and this new building is disposed of in 1971.


Production of cast iron baths and radiators are discontinued in the early 1970s due to market changes.
Ideals first wall hung boiler (W10/15) is developed as pressure on space in UK kitchens drives manufacturers and installers to consider wider possibilities for boiler siting. Improved designs (WRS and WCF)with wider model outputs are introduced and are continuously developed to include fanned flue variants in the 1980’s.


Metal Box Ltd buy heating interests only (Ideal boilers) of Ideal Standard. They already own Stelrad radiators (6 sites) and Vulcan boilers (Mexborough).
Company renamed Stelrad Group Ltd initially retaining Ideal brand.
Stelrad brand adopted for most domestic boilers 1981-1988. Original Vulcan boiler designs are discontinued by 1982.


Ideal introduces Concord Super modular boiler for commercial applications providing close load matching with compact, light high efficiency 50 kW modules in a single insulated casing. They feature single flue, gas, system connections for multiple modules up to 600 kW maximum. A circular finned tube copper heat exchanger with central burner gives excellent efficiencies under varying load conditions. A later 1984 development adds the Super Plus with 100 kW aluminium tube modules.


A new foundry with advanced moulding and core making is installed in the early 80’s at a cost of £6M. The Sprint model was released. Ideal SprintWas a fan assisted gas combination boiler. The controls were more advanced than ever before allowing the homeowner to choose a combination of functions that provided warmth and hot water all year around.


Ideal Mexico floor standing boiler introduced providing a wide range of outputs 30-125kW in a standard kitchen sized unit. It is more compact and efficient than the Concord / E type ranges they replace. It leads the market for these units but it is a declining sector as UK kitchen space is also required for washers, fridges and other floor standing appliances.


Ideal launches first UK domestic high efficiency condensing boiler (initially called Prima but quickly renamed Turbo) following extensive trials with British Gas and University of Manchester at a site in Stockport. It features a finned aluminium alloy heat exchanger in compact delta layout with downfiring premix burner. Such a product is expensive compared to standard designs and volumes only slowly develop until the UK Government forces market changes with Building Regulations changes in 2005.


Introduces successful Sprint combination boiler and is one of the first UK manufacturers of this product type initially championed by European manufacturers.
Commercial Concord CX floor standing cast iron boiler range introduced quickly becoming market leader. Condensing high efficiency brought to the commercial market with the CXC version introduced in 1989.


Metal Box becomes MB Group Ltd. Mexborough site closed and Vulcan name used as product name of an Ideal boiler.
Classic wall hung cast iron boiler range launched providing lightweight, kitchen unit size and is a very successful range through 1990’s being developed with installer input. The engineering ensured reliability through simplicity which included an integral pilot arrangement doing away with separate pilot pipes. Both fan assisted and natural draught room sealed versions are available with large market share penetration achieved. Many are still in operation today.


MB Group reverse takeover by Caradon plc (Caradon management takes control with Peter Janssen as MD of company MB Caradon).
Company now Caradon Heating using Ideal branding.


Ideal Classic is launched. Some of this models are still operational today.

Ideal forms part of Caradon Plumbing Division as Caradon Ideal Ltd (alongside Mira, Twyfords and Stelrad).

Caradon Heating split into two companies, Caradon Ideal for boilers and Caradon Stelrad for radiators.

£1M investment in updating test facilities in the Product Development laboratory. It sets the standard for the UK industry for many years.

Ideal forms agreement with Die Dietrich Thermique to brand and sell its pressure jet and large atmospheric gas commercial boiler range (D-D closes its UK subsidiary sales organisation). Ideal ceases manufacture of own Pressure Jet and large atmospheric ranges). Green sand foundry closed at Hull.

Private equity group Ideal Stelrad Group (backed by HSBC Private Equity) takes over Caradon Plumbing division. Head office moved from High Wycombe to Newcastle. Trevor Harvey is CEO. Mira and Twyfords sold 2000. Stelrad and Ideal retained.


Ideal Classic SEIdeal Classic Se launched. This model was an upgrade of the original Classic model and offered unprecedented standards of reliability due to its simple design and engineering.


Ideal in cooperation with some European manufacturers to provide broadened combination boiler range. Ideal develops commercial condensing wall hung boilers through the 2000s with first the Maximiser followed by the Imax W. Their compact flues are also a benefit with simple supply from Ideal. These products are also used in cascade to provide higher outputs with close load matching and inbuilt back up for efficiency and reliability as well as simplifying servicing. Later in the 2000s Ideal increase the commercial condensing boiler range with the floor standing Imax Xtra with outputs up to 560kW, as the market moves to condensing to reduce operating costs.


UK Building Regulations change to require domestic installations to be condensing boilers as part of governments emission reduction policy. Ideal is well placed with Isar and Icos ranges following early market development with Turbo and Minimiser ranges. The Isar / Icos ranges introduced gas / air modulation for increased efficiency.


Ideal Stelrad Group backing is now majority provided by Warburg Pincus. The old foundry is demolished.
August. Keston Ltd (Bromley office) bought with a manufacturing plant in Romania (Celsius). Keston Boilers Limited was established in 1993 and has quickly grown to become a key player in both domestic and commercial high-efficiency condensing boilers. Keston also designs and manufactures award winning hot water storage systems and unique bespoke prefabricated rigs. Keston, based in Bromley, has a manufacturing subsidiary, Celsius 2000 SRL, in Bucharest, Romania. Keston employs 37 employees and Celsius employs 93. Unique small (50mm dia.) twin duct flue /air system on all models providing easier siting with long run capability. New ranges based on Ideal designs introduced in 2013, manufactured at Hull
replacing previous ranges.


July. Logic combination boiler range introduced providing kitchen unit size lightweight product in a range of outputs following extensive installer / contractor discussions which ensured benefits include ease of installation, servicing and siting.Ideal Logic Plus The range develops to include system and heat only products using the compact aluminium alloy heat engine platform with 5:1 gas / air modulation. A wide range of programmers both electro-mechanical , electronic including RF capability are provided as options to fit within the boiler casing. As system efficiency becomes an increasing requirement through Regulations and cost , the provision of weather compensation as standard in this domestic boiler is recognized as a benefit. It is very successful with Ideal market share increasing each year and basic product developed for merchants and caravan / mobile home industries.


Evomax commercial condensing wall hung boiler launched, quickly becoming largest selling UK commercial boiler as market continues to move to this product type and use in multiple in cascade formats.


Foundry closed.


Bregal Capital take control of ISG Group.


French Groupe Atlantic buy Ideal Boilers from ISG with Ideal and Keston brands retained. GA are large manufacturers of heating products in Europe. GA already own Hamworthy Heating (commercial boilers supplier) since 2008. During 2016 Hamworthy R&D and management merged with Ideal Boilers with some range manufacturing being undertaken at Hull starting in 2017.


Ideal Vogue is launched .Ideal VoguePremium boiler with stainless steel heat exchanger and color screen engineered with quality in mind.


Ideal Logic Max and Vogue Max. Ideal offer extender warranties by pairing the boilers with the Ideal system filter. 10 years on Logic Max and 12 years on Vogue Max