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Our expertise:

  • Heating systems breakdown and servicing

At BSON247 our main goal is to keep your services running. And this include breakdowns, preventative maintenance and servicing. After this, our second priority is energy efficiency. This is about how we can improve your systems to lower the energy waste and increase the efficiency having a result of lowering the running costs. Our engineers are focused on providing you with the best advise and services.

  • Power flushing, chemical flushing, descaling and system water treatment

A wet central heating system rely on all his components for a correct operation. This is the reason why many systems all over the country could do with some improvements. If your system is using steel radiators and system water was not treated and a magnet filter was not installed, there may be sludge in it. In an untreated system steel radiators rust inside and heating pump is circulating the rust all over the system. This may block pipework or key components of the system, lowering its efficiency and in some cases damaging it. For this reason, after checking and confirming that a installation is affected by iron oxide (the black sludge, rust), we can decide what is the best course of action. There are few options available for cleaning it. One is power flushing- a high power pump is circulating water at high speed through the system mobilising and cleaning the deposits. Another option is chemical flushing- a strong cleaning product such an acid (acid not used for aluminium heat exchangers) is circulated in the heating system by a powerful pump and this break down deposits of hardened sludge. Together with an agitator used on the radiators and system run at his normal temperature, the chemical flush have the best chances to clean a system. However, there are some risk associated with the powerflushing and chemical flushing. If the system if heavily corroded, cleaning the sludge could expose pin holes in the radiators, pipework or heat exchangers. This pin holes would leak and will require further repairs. As a general rule, if the system is thoroughly cleaned, system water measured to be the same as the tap water, an magnetic filter installed in the system and water treated with corrosion inhibitor, the system will never require another powerflush. In regards with the descaling process, this apply mostly to the hot water side of a boiler. We always recommend installing scale reducers or water conditioners to prevent limescale building up on heat exchangers. But if the system is already affected by the limescale, we still can clean it and restore its operation. Please call us to discuss with a specialist.

  • Plumbing repairs, install and upgrade

Ageing plumbing systems can create problems and prevent optimal operation of hot and cold water services, heating systems or sanitation. We have a priority in keeping your services working and in having them working efficiently. This is why our engineers will discuss the options with you and take the best course of action.Either for fixing leaks, correcting bad or damaged plumbing or installing new systems, we are here. Count on us.

  • Conventional and Smart heating controls

All heating and hot water systems should have means of controlling the time and temperature. For this reason,for controlling the time, a basic timer or programmer is at minimum. In terms of temperature control, a room stat is again, a minimum. There are available a lot of other heating controls engineered to maximise the efficiency and cut the waste. Few of them are :

  • Individual radiators thermostatic valves (TRV’s). They work by regulating the water flow through a radiator in response to the ambient temperature and temperature settings on the valve. For easy adjusting, most of them have numbers from 1 to 5 as settings and this numbers correspond to an ambient temperature ex: 1=15 degrees C, 2= 18 degrees C, 3=21 degrees C, 4=24 degrees C, 5=28 degrees C. Please note that not all are the same and manufacturer guidelines must be followed.
  • Weather compensation. This heating control is based in regulating the heating water temperature in rapport with the outdoor temperature and a preset heating curve in the boiler settings. The outside temperature can be a wired sensor installed outside or a internet based system
  • A geo location control provided by smart heating controls. In few words this works by putting heating off or at a lower temperature when you are away and bringing it back to your preset levels when you are coming back home or are in close proximity of your home. This is done by a GPS sensor who check if you are around home or not. This is usually done by an application installed on the mobile phone.
  • Load compensation. This way of controller is based on maintaining an internal temperature fluctuating the heating water temperature relative to the measured response of the heating system. This system make use of the residual heat in the radiators to keep a comfort level with minimal usage of energy.
  • Energy efficiency and improving existing efficiency

As per Building Regulation part L, we have a duty of conservation of fuel and power. In plain english this mean that we should reduce the waste and increase the efficiency as much as practically possible. As few examples: using correct heating controls, cleaning heating systems to ensure a correct heat transfer, minimising the heat loss by improving thermal insulation and building air tightness, using heat recovery ventilation systems, upgrading the gas boilers to a more efficient ones, etc.

  • Emergency Callout

Here at BSON247 we are working to make sure that your building services are in good operation 24 hours a day, every day. This involve being on the tools 24 hours a day, every day. And we are. Count on us!

  • Advise, design and installation

Any good project starts with a good, thorough consultation. Because of this, we discuss the options, advise about pros and cons, design, revise and install. And we do this for all our services.

  • Cold and hot water supply

Different properties with different layouts and specifications have different hot and cold water systems. That’s why our engineers are trained and experienced so they know them all. If is about repairs, upgrade, new installations or only advise, please contact us.

  • Electrical breakdown, upgrade and installation services

Electricity is probably the most important service in a home. Here in UK, in most of the cases all rest of services are based on a good operation of the electrical installation. This means that an electrical breakdown can stop your heating, ventilation, hot and cold water supply and drainage. We know it and our first priority is to keep your building services ON 24/7. Our engineers are trained, qualified and experienced to fix electrical breakdowns, to alter therm for an upgrade or to install new ones. And all of this according to the British Standard and Requirements for Electrical Installations BS7671. If you suspect an electrical problem, do not let it until is too late. Damaged installations are a fire risk. Stay safe and call us.

  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning

The comfort level indoors have many aspects that need to be controlled. 2 very important aspects are air quality and ambient temperature. For this reason a good ventilation system is recommended together with a regular service and maintenance. Air conditioning is the other component who is regulating the ambient temperature. A correct operation of the ventilation, heat recovery ventilation and air conditioning is important for maintaining a high level of energy efficiency. Our engineers are F-gas qualified, trained by manufacturers and experienced in providing the best services in ventilation and air conditioning servicing, maintenance, upgrade or installation.

  • Renewable solutions

Moving away from the fossil fuels is an expected thing to do due to the air pollution levels and CO2 emissions. But this is not always easy to do and if transition is not done correctly more harm can be done than good. Not all “green” systems have the same shade of green and not all of them help you save money in running costs. That’s why we recommend you to always consult  an expert before taking key decisions. We are here to help. Our engineers can advise you correctly and we can upgrade your services in an efficient way. Call us now to discuss the options and to get the best advise.

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We Have Experienced Heating Engineers

The heating engineers are responsible for operating and maintaining the heating boilers, controls and heat distribution. They also take care of the ventilating systems of large properties. Also, they can operate facilities like heat recovery ventilation, gas and electric boilers, heat pumps and air conditioning systems.

If you are looking for skilful engineers who are experienced in fixing boilers, then BSON247 has a team of veteran building services engineers. They have been in the industry for more than a decade and they know how to handle any kind of boiler problems.

Our engineers are specialists in different building technical concerns like electrical and heating systems, drainage, and ventilation. We can also be entrusted with works concerning heat, CO and smoke detector installation.

When it comes to boilers, we are not only experts in repairs. If needed, we can replace them or install new ones. Surely, you will have your boiler functioning in no time.

Affordable Services

BSON247 is known for providing affordable services. That is why we are picked by many property owners in Luton and surroundings. It is our goal to help our clients get the best building services at the lowest rates possible.

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Despite our cheaper rates compared to other companies’, we assure you that excellence is always guaranteed in our outputs. We give our best in every project we work on because we are committed to serving property owners like you.

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