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Are you in Havering and in need of an expert help about building services engineering particularly on plumbing issues? If yes, we, at BSON247 are here to assist you in finding the best and practical solution for your problem. We can offer an array of affordable services whether it has something to do with installations, replacements or both minor and major repairs.

For Your Plumbing-Related Issues, We Provide Solutions

Our team will not hesitate to assist you regarding on certain matters such as new boiler installation, power flushing, complete heating system replacement and gas safety inspection. Aside from major and simple plumbing repairs, we can also do shower installation and maintenance.

With our help, we can fix your heating or hot water issues whether you have a gas boiler, electric boiler or communal heating/HIU. If one of your toilets, sinks or washing machines is blocked, you can count on us. We can work on the very slow draining problem which troubles you.

Whether your waste pipe is damaged or just having a backed up drain or some sort of water leak, we can handle whatever it is. Certainly, we can deliver the most applied way out – especially if you need an entire replacement or installation.

Ask Our Trustworthy Engineers for Assistance

For professional help, we have engineers whom you can depend on – whatever building service engineering matter it is. We can give you expert advice about the best possible solutions and how to apply and execute the plan.

We listen to what type of assistant you require. By doing this, we are able to understand each client’s need. As a result, we can be assured that everything is handled with expertise and of course – excellence is maintained.

As you talk to us, we can offer an estimate about the project. We educate, explain and give several suggestions for the right things to do.  We can help you imagine the outcome you desire so that at the very end of the task, your requirements are still met.

Upgrade Your Plumbing System

BSON247 specialises in providing plumbing-related maintenance for your bathroom and kitchen. We cater a variety of designs and layouts, as well as the high standard materials to be installed. You are guaranteed that all sanitary wares, showers, and other water feed appliances are high quality.

As our customer, you are free to propose the type of design you require. You have the choice if you want to relocate or replace some sanitary wares and water feed appliances. We, at BSON247, are just here to support and help you carry out the plan.

Aside from these, you can also upgrade, extend and boost your cold water supply. Converting the water supply itself to mains feed and removing cold storage system is always possible with our aid.

Contact us and We Will Assist You

If you want to chat with an engineer or even want to get a project estimate of the plumbing-related service you require, we are here 24/7 at your service. You may contact us via email, landline, mobile, address or emergency call-out. Whatever time it is, we are ready and available to assist you.