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  • Electrical Services
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable solutions
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Why do you need the service of building services engineers? Is it really necessary to hire them to manage the electrical and mechanical systems of your building? Or can you just hire typical electricians and tradesmen to handle them?

If you want to secure your building and its occupants, then you need to consult professionals who are highly-knowledgeable in ensuring the proper installation of electrical and other technical facilities. As an owner, it is your responsibility to provide such kind of security.


In Enfield, many building owners trust us at BSON247. Our company has the best building services engineers in London, and we continue to make a name in the industry by setting new standards for modern and cost-effective building services engineering.

What makes us the most trusted engineers in Enfield? It is for the reason that we work with passion, integrity, and excellence. We give nothing but the best kind of services to our clients.

Our designs are innovative and they are created individually according to the needs of each building we work on. It is our mission to help realise the vision of our clients so we always base our layouts on their ideas.

Our Work

How can BSON247 help you? Well, we simply make all the functional features of your building operate successfully.

Our job includes designing mechanical systems, providing ventilation, heating, and lighting, and distributing water and power supply throughout the building. We also install escalators, lifts, air conditioning, boiler, and CCTV.

It is our responsibility to make any building a comfortable and safe place to live in. We always consider the safety and health of the occupants. Thus, we see to it that the emergency and security alarms are effective. Also, we make sure that all the systems like the heating, telecom, ventilation, and drainage are completely functional.

Aside from designing and installation, BSON247 also accepts repairs and maintenance projects. This is part of our commitment to keep every building well-operated.

So far, all our clients from Enfield have been satisfied by our services. Most of them keep on coming back to us whenever there are other concerns about their building services.

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If you need the service of licensed building services engineers, then contact us at BSON247 immediately. We are the team you can fully trust to solve any issue in your building. You do not need to look somewhere else.

We operate 24/7. That is why you can also count on us during emergency situations in the middle of the night. We are just a call away, and we will be there within 15 minutes, depending on where your location is. Also, we work quickly so we can fix the problem in the shortest time possible.

To know about the full range of our services, and to find out more about our engineers, check out our website. If you want, you may also call us anytime. We will gladly answer if you have questions.