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Most, if not all, property owners, have had to deal with drainage problems at some point. The problem could have resulted from too much rain and the slope in the yard is inadequate to stop water runoff from the house. Or it could be that one of their toilets in the building is draining slow.

Whatever the drainage issue that gives you a headache, it needs to be resolved as soon as possible so you can have a peace of mind. The question is who could fix the problem for you if the leak or clog happens late at night but it cannot wait until morning?

BSON247 is the Solution

If you are residing in Camden, then no worries about late night drainage issues. You can count on the BSON247 team to come to the rescue. Anytime and anywhere in London, our team is always on the go to resolve property issues such as drainage problems.

BSON247 is a London-based company that caters to building engineering services. We are experts in handling electrical and technical concerns in buildings. We make sure that the occupants of our client’s property are safe and comfortable.

The best thing about our company is we operate 24/7. We handle emergency call-outs even during the wee hours of the night or dawn. It is our commitment to serve the community even at the most inconvenient time.

Our Engineers Will Take Care of You

The building services engineers of BSON247 are all licensed and experienced. They have been in this field for a lot of years, with many over a decade. For this reason, they know about every technical and electrical issue that property owners can encounter.

Our team is committed to providing excellent services to the clients. That is why we continue to enhance our knowledge, strategies, skills, and facilities. Aside from their license, we require our employees, especially the engineers, to undergo regular seminars and training.

Drainage Concerns We Handle

So, what are the particular drainage problems that our team takes care of? BSON247 has been serving Camden and the entire London with passion. We guarantee our clients that we can provide them effective solutions at the lowest rates possible.

Here are the drainage services that we offer:

  • Drain installation
  • Repair
  • Blocked drains (including toilet, sink, and water basin)
  • Maintenance
  • Relining
  • Waste pipe clearance

The abovementioned services are just among our wide range of expertise. Our engineers and tradesmen can be trusted to fix such issues, especially during emergency situations.

Aside from drainage problems, you can trust BSON247 to handle other building technical services. We can take care of electrical, heating, alarm systems, and many others.

Know More About the Team

To find out more about the BSON247 team, you can read through our website. You can also visit our office and speak to us personally. We can answer any question you have regarding our services.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us handle your drainage concerns.